The use of rubber flooring for public transit goes back over 50 years and is now a worldwide standard. ACTiVA Rubber Flooring bring quality, design and function with a range specifically engineered for this industry – in compliance with the related international standards for Flammability, Smoke Emission, Toxicity of Smoke and Safety.
Studded - R27
Best suited for applications
in the public transportation industry for its durability and performances.

  Orion (Rolls)
Embossed surface with larger speckles in rolls; a very unique solution to enhance the look of the interior of vehicles.
Ribbed 5-3 (Rolls)
An original PIRELLI product designed to withstand the very
heavy traffic of public
transportation vehicles.



Solid (Rolls)
Generally used in the side areas of the vehicles next to the studded rubber or ribbed flooring.
Cosmo (Rolls)
A colorful look of the interior, by itself or in combination with other ACTiVA products.
  HP-B1 (Tiles)
The traditional stud design in a High Performance compound.
Marble (Rolls)
The first rubber flooring product developed for public transit. For the entire vehicle or side areas.
  Galaxy (Tiles)
A proven success in public transit vehicles. Very high abrasion resistance combined with design and function.