HP-B1 Sure Step Design ™    

Data Sheet
Spec Sheet (PDF)
Spec Sheet (W. Doc)

HP-B1 finds its application in industrial environments where there is presence of oils and grease and
a high degree of resiliency is required.

39.37 x 39.37" - 100 x 100 cm

T: 5/32" - 4.0 mm


Oil & Grease Resistant
(ASTM D471)


H101 H121 H103 H106 H309 H109
H409 H410 H505 H602 H530 H222
H225 H204        

Click on thumbnails to enlarge color swatch.
Color reproduction on screen may vary from the actual product colors. Color selection should be made from samples.
When HP is used in applications where vehicles are stationary, use only black color as tyres may permanently stain the floor. Please consult our office for more details.